About the specialist

For a quarter of a century we have built, transported, erected, operated, dismantled and removed our customers’ International Exhibition and Event stands.  However, hardly any of them know exactly what a&a does, why should they? We do what needs to be done behind the scenes and so contribute to their success. Many of you have worked with us on automotive projects, giving the impression that we have a narrow focus and are expensive. These projects are specialised and expensive, however, in the last five years we have branched out into other areas providing even more enhanced levels of quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. We really are The Specialist.


Years of experience.

We do branding.

You want to present your company in the best possible way. The right branding makes it recognisable, easy to find and leaves an unforgettable impression on the visitor’s mind.


Working with various stand architects throughout Europe, we provide ideas when no customer image comes to mind.

We can even design your project’s marketing strategy, including helping you to invite your VIPS to your event.

Event organization

Thinking of creating your own event and you don’t now where to start. Let the specialist guide you. With our partners in the field of creation, organising and production we can be your one stop shop for every promotional activity.


Engineering is just one of the specialist’s strengths. Engineering breathes life into a sketched idea. Our engineers employ their years of practical experience, consider all aspects of any technical challenge and create design-led pragmatic solutions. High quality for a fair price.


Our logistic team employs its extensive network to ship what we build and/or your own goods and equipment (up to the volume contained in 50 trucks or sea containers) to anywhere in the world, and arrange all of the paperwork.

Project Management

Eight Project Managers ensure that the solution we provide matches what you had in mind, to the very last detail. Speaking various languages, they work with and act as intermediaries between everyone involved in a project.


Our production facilities match the industry best and include C&C machines, wood saws and finishing machines for the highest quality at a reasonable price. The production department is divided into machinery, assembly and a workshop for tailor-made furniture. All under one roof and supervised by our production managers.

Build up - Break down.

Highly-skilled and experienced, multifunctional teams (up to 165 people) effectively erect, dismantle and remove your stand, guaranteeing uniform quality.


Our 15000-mtr2 warehouse makes it possible to reuse large volumes of material, making our stands cost effective and environmental friendly. We can also store your material.

Our team

Join our team of fantastic colleagues and work in arguably the most dynamic industry there is; we are always looking for talent and skilled people.

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