A&A Builds ABEC Conference Center

The construction of the Audi ABEC (Audi Building Efficiency Center) in Munich exemplifies Audi’s commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technology. As an architectural masterpiece, the ABEC showcases Audi’s vision for a greener future and promotes energy efficiency. Let’s explore the fascinating process of building the Audi ABEC in Munich.

Bringing the design to life, Audi employed advanced materials and construction techniques. High-performance insulation materials were utilized to optimize energy efficiency, while sustainable building materials were carefully chosen to reduce the project’s environmental impact. Precision and attention to detail were paramount in ensuring that the construction with Audi’s exacting standards.

ClientAudiAgencySchmidhuber ServicesRoadshow, Engineering, Production, Projectmanagement, Building, Interior, Transportation, WarehousingYear2023

Privacy Preference Center