a&a builds Volkswagen at IAA

The Future is right here: a large number of new models and premiered cars from various brands are being presented in one of the most important Auto shows: IAA 2017 in Frankfurt Germany. a&a successfully produced and build the VW stand on the IAA for the first time in their existence. With this a milestone has been achieved.

Some numbers: Surface 5000 m², Building 10000 hours+, 190T of steel, 16km of data cable, 135 Truckloads of material, 400 people involved in building only. And all this build in 15 days.

All this lead to a satisfying result for all parties involved but even more for a&a as 2017 is their 25th anniversary year.

ClientVolkswagenAgencyBraunwagnerServicesEvent, Engineering, Production, Building, Interior, Logistics, WarehousingYear2017

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