We all know someone who has suddenly been confronted with one of the world’s most deadly diseases, cancer!

The closer the person is to us, the more we wish that something more could be done to treat the disease. Because in the end cancer is not a privilege. We accidentally received the link from Stelvio for life. An event held on one of Italy’s most famous mountains where you can either cycle or walk your way to the top. We will not cure cancer by cycling up the mountain; however, our financial contributions will make a difference in funding the necessary research.

The ‘Stelvio for Life’ participants commit to raising a minimum of EUR 1 for every meter of altitude they climb. This equates to every participant raising a minimum of EUR 1,533. All of the donations will be for the benefit of the ‘Barcode for Life Foundation’. This Foundation aims to raise funds exclusively for the ‘Center for Personalized Cancer Treatment’ (CPCT). The mission of this Research Center is to identify the most effective treatments for cancer patients while minimizing the side effects.

a&a will team up on 01-09-2018 with Managing Directors team Cees Onink and Robert-Jan Beck.
As the research requires a lot of funding, we ask you to support us and, by doing so, the research itself, just click this link. You can read all about the event by clicking the official link > https://www.stelvioforlife.nl/

You never know whether cancer will knock on your door one day … until it happens.