The Symbioticon is rising againthis year as a three-day event

Agentur Schmidhuber + Partner came with a creative concept to use a very alternative construction approach. We had two large trailers with 65 pallets containing 2200 stackable Euro-norm boxes on which we built up the decor for the hackathon in a lego-like way. For table tops and other items we used 1200 m² of raw OSB. This gave the event  a rough and tough appearance in addition to the colorful lighting, matching the digital projections.

#symbioticon has been the hackathon of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe since 2016. This year’s motto is: #nonormal. Participants can expect a lot of new things and a new surprising way to promote the winners.

A lot has changed, but they kept what has proven itself. This includes: free participation – free 24-hour meals and high-speed Internet access – as well as highly exciting API and technology partners to implement your ideas and prototypes. There are no specifications for the programming languages.

The hackathon forms the core of the Symbioticon again this year. But the scope is expanding significantly! In the new NETWORKING AREA you can expect top speakers from IT, banking and the fintech scene. #nonormal: you can go in direct exchange with the experts before and after the lectures.

The program:
The hackathon will start on November 20 with a get-together, team-building, networking, IT-expert discussion and dinner. On the 21st after breakfast: Coding, coding, coding – until the Code-Freeze on November 22nd. In the pitches, the participants then give the right throttle again. The large jury is made up of more than 2,000 savings bank employees from all areas and is included in a live stream. There is also a selected panel of experts on site. Exciting: The winners expected this year a new way of promotion.

In addition to the hackathon, the networking area offers space for professional exchange, new business contacts and exciting small talk. Keynote speeches, lectures and discussions await visitors. At the After Party on November 22, you can celebrate and celebrate your networking efforts.

In the networking area, top speakers from IT, banking and the fintech scene await you. including:

“How To Fix The Future” – that knows author, entrepreneur and speaker Andrew Keen.
Trend researcher Peter Wippermann reports on “Zero UI – the new platforms for apps”
The specialty of Isabell Welpe, TU Munich, is “Digital Work Design: How the world of work, organization and leadership change”.